Partner with BuffetGO

Partner with BuffetGO

Whether you are running a local buffet or managing a high-street restaurant chain BuffetGO can work for you. It’s a free to join, non-contract service that’s win-win for all parties involved: generate additional revenue to reduce your bottom line, reduce your waste management expenses, show your customers you’re committed to becoming more sustainable and increase your shops online exposure – with no upfront fees to you!

It’s as simple as...​

Your unsold food (the restaurant or shop surplus that is fresh and ready to enjoy but is thrown away at the end of the night) is made available to pick up via the BuffetGO.

You control how many meals are available daily and what time they are collected via BuffetGO. Pre-package in eco-friendly to-go boxes or let our customers fill up whatever they want.

BuffetGO customers will arrive during the designated pick up time, show you the e-voucher via email or mobile app, collect their food and feast on take delicious fresh take out!

Join the BuffetGO REVOLUTION!

What's in it for you?

The fundamental benefit you get is to change the lives of thousands of people by partnering with a non-profit organization that donates 100% of the earnings to world hunger combating causes. On the other hand, you will become part of a good incentive for bringing awareness and help protect our planet by reducing food waste.

But there is more than that! You will also get the following:

  • Additional 2-3.2% of profit per year, zero cost
  • New customers trying your food
  • Increase your online exposure with BuffetGO
  • Reduce waste management costs
  • Free advertising from news articles + promoting your “dine-in special offers” through our social media
  • You will be recognized as an “eco-friendly restaurant” for joining BuffetGO
  • We take care of everything from payment, marketing, to customer service
  • A restaurant success manager that can be reached 24/7 for support
  • No commitment, no minimum term, and cancel anytime