Get your first free meal by registering an account with us, and, at your first checkout, we will deduct the price of the first meal.

BuffetGO is able to offer 75-90% discounted prices as a result of the circumstances. We are helping restaurants obtain a new source of revenue because if we did not send customers to pick up their food before closing, they would throw it all away! Win/win for everyone involved.

An estimated 1.3 billion metric tons of food go to waste each year, affecting our economy, our well-being and our environment.

BuffetGO is in the process of growing and expanding it’s presence. We are currently focusing on Copenhagen, but we will update everyone via social media as we expand.

All of the food our participating restaurants have available to our customers is fresh and ready to eat!

If you’ve accidentally deleted your coupon then you’ll need to contact us as soon as possible and before the designated pick up time. Email us at contact@buffetgo.org

Due to BuffetGO’s unique concept, it is not possible to eat inside of the restaurant. All food ordered through BuffetGO must be taken out and consumed outside the restaurants premises.

Sometimes our emails can be automatically filtered as spam. In the event that you can’t see your order confirmation in your inbox then it’s likely it’s been sent to the “Spam” or “Bin” folder. However, if your order confirmation hasn’t arrived within 15 minutes, contact our Customer Service team as soon as possible at contact@buffetgo.org so we may send it directly to you.

Each restaurant only has a certain quantity of takeout boxes available for purchase according to the quantity of food that they typically have remaining on a given day’s service. It is therefore highly unlikely that there will be no food remaining when you arrive at the restaurant to collect your meal. If, however, you arrive within the specified period and do find the food to have run out, then you can contact the team at contact@buffetgo.org with your order number, date, time, restaurant’s info and we will issue you a full refund.

Contact contact@buffetgo.org and we will work on issuing you a full refund.