BuffetGO purchases unsold fresh food from our partners by making it available to BuffetGO customers through our website.

Perfectly fine food, that until today has been wasted by the end of the day, is now sold. The collected money is divided between BuffetGO and the now CO2-friendly buffet.

BuffetGO is a non profit organisation and donates 100% of their earnings to hunger fighting causes worldwide.

Everyone wins!

Who would have known that the food we throw away could be beneficial for people on the other side of the planet? Well… Not only is it helping others, but also helping ourselves. From the restaurant being rewarded with this additional revenue to the customers that can eat high quality meals with a massive discount, and mother earth thanking us for not wasting precious food. Like we said, everyone wins! Nobody should suffer from food perverty and soon going to bed hungry is something that belongs in the past. Bon Appetit! 

Each meal sold saves environment the equant of 3 liters of petroleum in energy

The 1st and leading in the world

Est. 2014

Most innovative concept 2016

BuffetGO only works with high quality brands and restaurants to ensure fresh food is made on a daily basis

"We can end hunger WHEN we end conflict"​

Changing the world for the better!
I feel more noble every-time I use BuffetGO, because it reduces food waste and helps underprivileged people via the profit donations. I believe it is going to revolutionize the way humans think about food and about profits.
Daniela Popovici
BuffetGO co-founder
BuffetGO is probably the greatest brand in the world.
It’s all about giving. Really, everyone wins! The consumer love they now can eat high quality meals almost for free. The buffet owner get rid of something they don’t want to begin with and even get rewarded for it. We reduce food waste and this combats climate change and by selling out the food instead of wasting it we are now also making profit. A profit we donate to charity and this way combats world hunger.
All in one concept. it's a very beautiful thing and im proud to e a part of this.
Emil Lolby
BuffetGO founder

A special thanks to everyone involved using BuffetGO!

It is because of YOU we are making a positive impact on the world!

Remember to bring your own plate and save even further on money and the environment!