Welcome to the BuffetGO concept!


No more hunger! BuffetGO got your back!

Our system have teamed up with a still secret danish company and is ready to take care of all the hungry souls out there. Still the same system that helps eliminate eatable wasted food by selling it online in the last minut. Just show the receipt from BufetGO and dig inn!

BuffetGO is a non profit organisation and donates 100% of all proceeds to feed the hungry in need. 

We have become much more than a system and our concept represent a economic system that benefits the world and it’s inhabitant. Why should we have billion dollar bonuses when we already have a salary? with great succes comes great responsibility. 

We are proud to inspire others to follow our lead and we take pride in creating awareness that it is up the the consumer who and what they are purchasing. identical products and identical prices does not always mean identical integrity 

"We can end hunger WHEN we end conflict"​

A special thanks to everyone involved using BuffetGO!

It is because of YOU we are making a positive impact on the world!

Remember to bring your own plate and save even further on money and the environment!